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The Switchover

I’ve decided to switch. To switch it all over. Wait What?!? You say?!?! I am slowly switching my HOUSE over to Avon. Yep did you know that Avon is SO MUCH MORE than beauty? Although I’d go as far as saying we are adding beauty to our homes now. Did you know that Avon has a vibrant home essentials collection now? We have Dish Soap for hand washing dishes—dishwasher soap is coming. The dish soap is incredible!! Smells great and works just as good as <ahem> OTHER brands! And its eco-friendly & naturally clean!

Avon also has laundry detergent too!! Stain removers & color boosters are coming soon! We’ve got wrinkle releaser & Fabric refreshers!!! I can’t wait to use up our current laundry soap so I can start using the Avon one when it comes out! You aren’t going to need to go to the store anymore— you can shop for these basic home essentials from my small business now!! How cool is that?!?! You get what you need and you also get to support someone’s family & small business.

Ok that’s the laundry room. Let’s head back to the kitchen for a bit. Did I mention hand soap that removes odors from your hands INSTANTLY? Yep, we’ve got it! Ever get done prepping onions or garlic and you just can’t get your hands clean? Our Cucina hand soaps are FANTASTIC for this. Smell great and they get the job done. I’ve even snuck one in my 1/2 bath off my kitchen because I love the smell of them. & we have a matching hand lotion too!!

Ok so you are done prepping food and you’ve eaten. Now you need to clean up…YEP, we’ve got something for that too!!! We’ve got cleaning wipes that aren’t made from harsh chemicals.

And we’ve also got multi-purpose cleansers for your cooktop & other surfaces! We’ve got you covered. You have no excuse to have a dirty kitchen. Get the dish sponges while you are at it. When you are done your kitchen will smell amazing too!!!

I think that’s enough for now. Have I convinced you? Shop the entire home collection now. There’s free shipping on $60+ if you aren’t local to me or don’t want to wait for my next local order. I’ve been very happy with everything I’ve switched to.

Next edition will be your bathroom cabinets!! You are going to want to make the switch over!!

Happy Shopping & thanks for stopping by!

Joanna Meek

Avon Independent Sales Representative


Beautiful skin from peonies

So one of my favorite flowers is the peony! I actually have a couple bushes in my yard. One of them did VERY well this past spring!! Fresh cut peonies are my favorite! Blossoms as big as my face!! I’ll insert a pic of one of them here ⬇️

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about Avon’s new skincare collection being derived from peonies!!! I cannot wait to try it. I have them on the way now! Samples too!! I’ve been watching live trainings all week on these products and the ones that have been testing it for the last 4 months cannot even imagine their routine without these products now!! I’m most excited about the eye serum!! An actual anti-aging eye serum!!! Yes!!!

This skincare collection is a deluxe collection designed for you to take your skincare to the next level of anti-aging!! And you know the best part?!?! It has Avon’s Anew products pricing!!! Starting at $39.99 this collection is very affordable for those that love a good luxury brand of skincare that WORKS!!

I will be sure to write more when I get mine and have tested it but each and every new product Avon has introduced in the last year has been top of the line and just what we all want & need right now!!!

So who wants to try it? Maybe you are convinced and ready to order? Go here now! ➡️ Order me some Peony goodness

Thanks for stopping by!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸

Joanna Meek 💄🌸

More info on the other products

It’s been awhile

I used to blog all the time. It’s been awhile. I used to use wordpress a long time ago and man it’s changed!! I will have some learning to do for sure. So thanks for bearing with me!!!

I plan to discuss all things life, family, faith, coffee, & of course Avon lifestyle. Avon is a big part of my life and has been for almost 11 years now!!

I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing new products Avon has now that LG H&H owns Avon the product portfolios are endless!!! I’ve never been so excited to sell!! So many good healthy products being released- so many essentials we all need!! Now you get to shop for essential items from your local Avon lady! We aren’t just a beauty company we are a lifestyle brand here to serve your ever changing day to day needs!! So now shop my small business for all your everyday beauty needs as well as many home essential needs too!!!

Check out my site now!!